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An Au Pair is a member of the National Insurance Scheme. That means that he/she is entitled to free health services like the rest of the population. To fully access this, the Au Pair should as soon as possible upon arrival visit the tax office to apply for a personal number and register with a doctor.

The Au Pair needs to bring the residency card that is given y the police after the personal appointment at the police station.

• If the au pair gets sick, he/she can get a sick leave. If it lasts for more than 3 days, the doctor should be contacted for a sick note.

• The host family must cover for the salary/ pocket money for the first 16 days of the sick leave, thereafter it is NAV which will cover the income.

• Dental services are not covered by the National Insurance Scheme.

• Contact the health clinic in the municipality if the au pair needs to be tested for tuberculosis.

• If the au pair gets pregnant, this is not a valid reason for terminating the contract. on against termination of contract. UDI should still be informed if the purpose of cultural exchange is not being fulfilled.

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