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Caritas Stavanger will have its annual meeting on March 22nd.

The annual meeting is the highest organ in the organization.

Caritas Stavanger Årsmøte:
Date: March 22nd
Time: 18.00
Place: Caritas Stavanger, St. Olavs gt. 25.

Anyone who has an interest in the caritative work in Stavanger and want to attend the meeting is welcome to. To attend you need to register with the coordinator for Caritas Stavanger, you can also request to get a copy of relevant documents.

You register and/or request documents by sending your name and phone number to Please specify if you want a copy of the documents.

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Caritas Stavanger will, in cooperation with Caritas Norge, arrange basic computer courses this spring. The course will focus on basic skills you need to operate a computer.

You are also invited to attend digital meetings that will be arranged by Caritas Norge as a part of the course. The how to of joining and participating in digital meetings will therefore also be a part of the course.

This course is free of charge, and will last for approximately 6 weeks. Information on registration will be posted as soon as possible (we are awaiting covid-19 regulations).

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