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It is a pleasure to invite everybody in St. Svithun parish and Stavanger with skills and interest in cultural music from different countries to an intercultural music workshop (IMW) arranged by Caritas Stavanger.

The idea behind IMW is to create a meeting point for all of you who want to share and perform music from your own country and culture with others who also enjoy music and traditions from different countries. This should be an opportunity for playing together with others who perform or have interest in traditional music, singing and dancing.

We believe that most people within and outside the parish have brought with them music and song traditions from home. Many of you also perform song and music, perhaps with traditional instruments, but have no arena where you are able to share it with people from different national backgrounds. Caritas IMW is an opportunity for people from different countries and cultures to communicate through music and dance for celebration, mutual learning and joy. Jamming and improvising together across cultural borders and skills (cultural “blending”) is also encouraged.

We have an additional intention of facilitating a program of organized performances at cultural arrangements in St. Svithun’s parish and also recording music. With sufficient interest, we hope that IMW can be arranged on a regular basis.

The first Intercultural Music Workshop is scheduled to take place next week, on Thursday the 25th of November at 19.00 - 21.00hrs, at the localities of Caritas Stavanger, St. Olavs gate 25, ground floor.

Snacks and refreshments will be served.

Hope to see you there!!

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